"If you want to understand what your beloved pets are thinking, feeling, needing and wanting from you, hire Brenda Cunliffe to be your interpreter."

She is a tremendous animal communicator. The value and accuracy of her fine-tuned talents become apparent in the first few moments when you describe your pet and she speaks up to tell you something only you and your pet would know.

I first met Brenda in 2009 after my sweet cat Rachel died suddenly. Thankfully a friend told me about Brenda in hopes of helping me process my grief and worry about whether or not I did the right thing. Right after telling Brenda Rachel’s name and describing her appearance, Brenda began telling me what Rachel experienced in her last few hours. She told me how Rachel felt (she had an aneurysm), exactly what she did to get my attention and Brenda even relayed the good-bye words I said to Rachel when I left her at the animal hospital in the middle of that horrible night. OMG-BIG TIME! I wept and laughed as it was clear to me that it was really Rachel and that she was happy and well wherever she was.

Since then Brenda has helped us connect with our 2 cats (one old and one new since 2009). She has also worked with many friends and two of our Vets who were struggling with a patient and open to Brenda’s help. We book quarterly sessions to check in with our cats’ well-being, ask about strange new behaviors (there’s always a reason a cat or dog does something) and several times, get help when a cat is sick when the Vet is stumped. It is valuable, adorable and some times hysterical to find out what they are thinking and feeling.

My relationship with my pets is very dear to me. If you love and respect your pets as the unique beings they are and you want to know things they simply can’t tell you with words—working with Brenda is a priceless gift to you and your pets.

two cats snuggling
Maddie & Lily
- cd

"I would never believe someone could be so incredibly connected, empathetic, intelligent and as humorous as Brenda."

We were fortunate to hear about Brenda two years ago from a friend who referred to her as “miraculous”. This turned out to be true but actually for our family Brenda has been much, much more.

We first spoke when we were grieving the loss of our 16 year old dog and cat and our Newfoundland Augie became very sad and depressed. Through Brenda’s amazing gift of communication she spoke with Augie and was able to help us as a family both grieve but at the same time find great joy in many day to day moments that really ended up changing our lives.

When we brought two sibling Newfoundland puppies to join our family Brenda has been right there with us. We speak to her every month and the insight and understanding she gives us has immeasurably helped to give both Plum and Lars and our family all an incredibly deep understanding of each other and a truly joyous connection to all of the members of our family both two and four legged.

I would never believe someone could be so incredibly connected, empathetic, intelligent and as humorous as Brenda. Having her in all of our lives has opened a window into a place that we feel beyond fortunate to have been shown. Thank you Brenda.

happy big dog with owner
two happy dogs
two happy dogs
- NB

"I can't say enough about Brenda's gift for communicating with pets!"

I initially called her because I was concerned about my 14-year-old yellow lab, and wondering how he was feeling. The information I received was so specific and so personal, there was no doubt in my mind she was talking with my Murphy. I also don't doubt that my multiple phone conversations with Brenda are what have enabled me to be at peace in a way I never would have imagined. It was also helpful and comforting to know what my other pets were feeling during this time and, more recently, about our major move from Connecticut to the Rocky Mountains.

I am a Physical Therapist certified in small animal rehabilitation and have referred many clients and friends to Brenda. Without exception, everyone is so glad they called her, and are always enlightened by hearing what their beloved pets have to say. I have always talked to my pets and my canine and feline patients, but ever since my first call with Brenda, I really speak TO them now, and feel an ever stronger bond.

- bg

"I am very fond of Brenda Cunliffe. She has kindness, sensitivity, humor. And she is perfectly suited to her work."

Brenda definitely has the gift.

She delights in my animals almost as much as I do!  When she speaks for them, she sounds just like them. Her insights about my cats have been extremely helpful.  Her messages from my darlings who are gone make it clear they are not gone!

Her Angel messages for me are illuminating and helpful. I’ve nearly lost count of the friends who have thanked me for telling them about Brenda.  A grieving pal recently told me a deep shift occurred within him after his session. Brenda provided a missing piece and now he can go on.

Her work is important and she does it beautifully.  I am very happy she’s here.


"One of my earliest sessions with Brenda just about blew my mind!"

One of my earliest sessions with Brenda just about blew my mind! Brenda said that my cat Minky, was saying something was wrong with my refrigerator and that there was cold air getting out. She said, Minky was concerned because she knew she wasn’t big enough to push the door closed and that she thought I should put a sign on it! I then told Brenda that I had just bought a refrigerator on Craig’s list and the magnets didn’t quite line up and as a result there was a small crack where cold air was escaping. I was absolutely beyond astonished!! I couldn’t decide which was more impressive... that a woman who had never seen my apartment or met me in person, knew exactly how my refrigerator was defective, OR that my cat knew that it was problematic and was concerned about it and told her! Since then Brenda has continually amazed me with her accuracy and fine-tuned awareness of each of my cats.

There is no one I trust more with whatever concerns I have about my pet’s health and happiness, recovery, or end of life transition. Brenda is the most extraordinary communicator I’ve ever known. I am incredibly grateful for her help. It has permanently changed my life and the lives of my beloved animals. I would say if you are considering animal communication for your pets, for any reason, don’t hesitate. There is an incredible world that will bring you closer to your pet and give you understanding in ways you could have only dreamed of in the past.

White cat 'Minky'
Cat 'Cookie'
Cat 'Oti'
Gray tiger cat 'Sweet Pea'
Small cat 'Jack'
Tiger cat 'Tattoo
- CD and 6 Kitties:  Minky, Cookie, Oti, SweetPea, Jack and Tatoo  and those who have passed Foxey, Thai, Bali, and Finn

"Working with Brenda will change everything you do, or do not, believe about animal communication!"

It is important to note that Brenda lives 3000 miles away from us. We have had an ongoing relationship over the phone for almost ten years. We’ve not met in person. She does not know from firsthand experience what we happen to have been saying or discussing in our family, yet very often our animals will say ‘word for word’ something they overheard and are worried about. The opportunity for interspecies communication with Brenda and your pet(s) is phenomenal. It is a relationship to be entered with an open heart and an open mind.

Some animals are talkative and some only have a few words to say but those words are like gold, and the door opens to better understanding. Many animals are quite surprised by being asked or talked with for the first time in this way. Having a session is not about testing Brenda’s psychic abilities by withholding information so she can prove herself. That will come with surprising frequency off its own accord. We prefer to give Brenda the important information so that she can direct her attention to the situation we hope to resolve or improve upon. It is our jumping off point. There are no textbook answers. All animals are individuals and that uniqueness becomes very clear in Brenda’s answers. The rewards of working together in this way are results, amazing, amazing results!

Our families’ story with Brenda Cunliffe, animal communicator, began about ten years ago and hasn’t let up since. My daughter, son and I have each rescued dozens of animals in desperate need, and we have two households full of our own, who were once ‘rescues’.  Without Brenda’s insightful (and often delightful) help on so many issues, we would have given up and been plagued with worry, guilt, frustration and hopelessness when faced with difficult choices and decisions. Brenda’s talent is unique and often astounding in the field of communicators (we have worked with many). Your pet’s voice comes through unmistakably clear (this is saying a lot since the first session I personally had with Brenda, I had ten animals to speak with, two of which were identical twins)! Brenda honed in on each one, their individuality, their needs, thoughts, fears, and preferences. Over the years those individual voices have grown and deepened our understanding and ability to listen. I cannot begin to think how many stars I would give Brenda, (a hundred? Probably more!)

Behavior problems, conflicts between pets in a multi pet household, the stress of moving, injuries, end of life issues, hearing what is important to a pet and knowing that you can now make a difference, helping them feel better and happier - for that matter, that you yourself, can feel better and happier after a session LOL. Sometimes it is just such an incredible relief to know what is going on their furry little heads. Why are they cross with each other?  Why do they want or need to do something you don’t want them to do? What do they need to be able to change a bad or dangerous habit and why do they sometimes refuse (usually humorous)?  And, oh how rewarding it is when that change takes place!

Probably the most necessary and valued of our sessions are surrounding ‘end of life’ transitions. Being able to know what a beloved pet needs and wants has had a profound and lasting effect in our lives. It has made the most difficult choice a pet owner ever makes, into one that can be more peaceful and less agonizing, bringing relief to both the pet and the owner. We have had it all different ways, from those pets who chose cremation, to those who wanted burial, those who wanted help with passing and those who want to stay and soak up the “love” and leave slowly on their own terms, in their own time. Our relationship with death and dying has been transformed. We would never have known truly what our pets wanted in these final circumstances without Brenda’s gift. We’ve also had many opportunities to communicate with our pets, who have passed (where they, what they are doing. You will be surprised at the answer), lessening our own grief and pain so much.

It has been a fabulous and treasured decade. We have learned more than we ever imagined and still look forward to every session. We are not the only ones: when we announce to our pets that we will be talking to Brenda today, inevitably whoever wants to be first with something to say, will come and nuzzle the phone insistently or sit right by the phone waiting expectantly.

FYI, Don’t forget to ask if your pet likes their name! You may be surprised, hilariously delighted or even shocked and confounded by their answer. Our precious tiny rescued kitten ‘Pippin’, hated, just adamantly hated her name and wanted to be called T.K. – Eight months later she was adopted by a wonderful couple Tristin and Kaitlyn who were quick to point out to me, that their initials are T. and K.  It was truly a match made in heaven.

Thank you Brenda, we are forever changed and in your debt.

Cat sitting pretty 'TK'
T. Kayla
Cat lying on floor 'Bunny'
Cat smiling
cat snoozing

Cat hiding under covers 'Bella'

For those who want to read more, the following are accounts of a few of our remarkable conversations and transformations thanks to Brenda.

Pit mix dog 'Zoe'


We had a rescued English Staffordshire Bull Terrier (a chocolate brown mini pit) who had lived on a series of farms, had parvo as a pup, had been neglected, had a litter of puppies at age two and then was intercepted by my son on her way to the animal shelter. We adored her. Before moving to Los Angeles, Zoe lived with us on a farm. When we moved to the city, we realized Zoe had never been to a city, a park or seen dogs on leashes. But she had seen a lot of fights between big dogs and had managed to teleport her small compact body into the middle of a few. However, all in all, she was a timid girl and did not like confrontation. Once we realized there was a 6,000  acre park nearby our new home, (with 52 miles of trails), I started taking our gentle Zoe, up to Griffith Park every morning to walk. There were lots of other owners and dogs walking the roads and trails in the park. When we would pass someone with a dog, Zoe would stop, lower her head and begin walking very very slowly, as though stalking for an attack. People were freaking out. It got so bad after a few days in a row with the same behavior, that I decided we must ask Brenda as soon as possible. I described the situation to Brenda, told her the body language, and Brenda asked Zoe, ‘What are you saying when you see the other people and their dogs?” Zoe then responded “I’m saying Hiiii?, Hi? Hiiiii?” in a quavering voice, as though afraid and terribly uncertain as to what to expect or do.Brenda immediately explained that all the people in the park walking their dogs were having a nice time just walking, and that she could relax and have a nice time too. And that it was really important to be friendly and confident. And so Brenda coached Zoe on body language and how to greet passersby. “ Head up, tail up, and say “Hi, I’m Zoe, I’m here with my person, who are you? Is that your person? It’s nice here! ” Zoe was told her body language was to be regular speed, head up tail up and greet! I was told to give Zoe some encouragement and a little coaching when we went to the park next time. The following day back at the park, walking along, we saw another dog with their owner coming towards us up the trail.  I immediately said “Ok Zoe here’s what you’re going to do. Head up, tail up, say “Hi how are you, we’re walking. I’m with my owner, who are you? Is that your owner? It’s nice here” and lo and behold, Zoe did just exactly that. Her head came up, her tail came up, she did not stalk. We smiled and walked right by, alert and with happy friendly body language. And here’s the thing: ZOE never did the scary walk-stalk again. Ever. Zoe’s old body language could have provoked a fight! Now both Zoe and I were much safer.Sometimes we would pass people with and without dogs, who were frightened of Zoe. She would just wag her tail and show them what a sweetheart she was. Problem solved!       

Black cat


We have many cats. One is Gila (G-lah) a handsome all black female with a shy and retiring (lazy?) demeanor. After we moved to Los Angeles, Gila began spending all her time in my bedroom, rarely coming out, and never socializing with the other cats. My son started going in the bedroom and saying to her “Gila, you’re so beautiful, you have to come out more, we love seeing you.You’re so beautiful! Come out and spend time with us”. He did this every day for several days and slowly Gila started coming out and hanging around more. However when she would come out, three of our other cats would sit in a row and when she would walk by, they would smack her. This disturbed me. I don’t really stand for ganging up syndrome, it can get out of hand in a multi pet household. So, our next session with Brenda happens and I’m asking, “Why are Pinky, Elfy and Tiger all hitting Gila when she walks by?” There was a long pause and then Brenda starts to chuckle. I’m like “What? What did they say?” and Brenda says in the voice echoing the sentiment of three very exasperated cats, “OH my God! She just walks around the house saying “I’m so beautiful, I’m so beautiful,’ we just want to hit her, she’s driving us crazy!” Brenda and I laughed and I explained to Brenda exactly why Gila was doing that. Brenda told the others to ease up. They agreed if Gila would just stop saying how beautiful she was over and over.  And my son and I learned, if you are going to tell one cat (or dog) that they are so beautiful or special, in the interest of peace and harmony, you had better tell each and every one that they are also equally “so beautiful and special!”

White cat outside 'Elfy'


When we moved to Los Angeles we had a large roof with many angles and levels. Three attic windows gave the cats access to a ‘rooftop yard above the yard’, where they could safely observe everything going on in the neighborhood during the day. We had a lot of squirrel activity. I wanted to caution the cats, not to tangle with the squirrels running across our roof, afraid they would be bitten. When Brenda told them, that they “musn’t bother the squirrels”, the response from my cats was unanimous and emphatic! “Tell them they can’t do that, it’s our roof! They can’t come on OUR roof!” Brenda explained why the squirrels needed to safely get across the yard to get to the trees, and avoid our dog Zoe in the yard below. Our cats were having none of it!  “Tell them they can’t! It’s OUR roof. They have to get off it” Then our sweetest cat, Elfy pipes up and says ”I think we should just kill them!” Brenda and I are like,“WHAT?”  “Yep just kill’em!”  Brenda explained, “No, we can’t kill the squirrels, you can’t kill the squirrels,” and then our Zoe dog joins the conversation saying,  "I know what you can do, just scare them down into the yard and I will kill them for you. That'll work”!  At that point I asked Brenda to squash that line of reasoning. After a few “are you sure we have to?" from all the animals, We insisted and they, responded with an exasperated “Oh all right. We really have to or no roof privileges?’ “Yes you do!” “Ok”. While the dialog may seem humorous and entertaining, the real significance achieved with Brenda through a couple of sessions (some things bore repeating), was that our pets were safe in an environment with some significant hazards that included squirrels, no wrestling and falling off the roof, and the necessity to come in at night before the raccoons and possums were out and about. It eased my mind and I was able to know that each cat understood what was expected and necessary if they were to continue to be allowed on the roof. There were no problems until Fairy got access to the roof.  Read on...

Fluffy cat 'Fairy'


When our rescued kitten, Fairy was grown, she became enamored of the roof top playground (for those who haven’t read about the ‘squirrel incident’), we had a large roof with access through three attic windows where the cats could go out and survey the neighborhood, lay in the sun, and hope for birds to land nearby. We had Brenda talk to Fairy on several occasions about how important it was to absolutely stay away from and avoid the squirrels and now, with increasing frequency, the raccoons and possums. It seemed all the wildlife in our neighborhood were using this convenient shortcut across our roof! Fairy was always quick to tell us she “just wanted to watch”. I used to laugh watching her head turn one way then the next, back and forth with all the activity. Brenda touched base with Fairy several times briefly reminding her during our multi-animal sessions. She never went after any of the critters and they in turn, did not bother her. But Fairy was mesmerized and always had a look on her face like “you’ll never believe what I just saw! ” The value of our conversations with Brenda about the roof really became apparent when on two almost identical occasions, when Fairy was confronted by a mother raccoon and her babies! I was leaning out the window (which was too small to climb out of), somewhat frantically trying to get Fairy in for her own safety (I had forgotten to close the windows for the evening). I leaned way out to see why she wouldn’t come in and looked around the corner, and right there was a mama raccoon and two babies, not 3 feet away, huddled under the eaves. Fairy was approaching too close. I said, “Fairy! Stop! This situation is too dangerous. The mama raccoon will protect her babies if you get any closer. If she attacks, I won’t be able to save you. You have to come to me right this instant!” Fairy looked at me momentarily and then back to her fascinating encounter. I repeated this, more emphatically. Fairy was transfixed but managed to step a foot closer to the window, just close enough for me to grab her and drag her in, while she was craning her neck for one last glimpse of those fabulous raccoons. Had we not had several conversations with Brenda about the roof and its dangers, Fairy, who was a youngster and very willful, (bordering on reckless), would have most certainly ignored me. In this circumstance, Fairy would have most likely been been injured or even killed. The coaching and guidance, along with directives to our pets that Brenda has given, have actually saved us from many confrontations that could have ended badly. I was incredibly thankful every time.

Dog lying on couch 'Boo'


Several years ago we rescued a middle aged female dog tied to a fence for ten hours in 100 degree heat without water. She was having an extreme nervous breakdown, and actually refusing water. Over many months we came to know just how serious Boo’s issues were. At the beginning she would not eat any type of animal food and barely any people food. She preferred flies. In despair,I turned to Brenda for help. We had several sessions involving Brenda explaining to Boo that the food would not hurt her tummy and that it was important for her to eat. During those sessions what always astounded me was that while Brenda was talking to me over the phone and telling Boo the information of why it was so important for her to be well nourished, Boo would get up and walk over to her bowl and start eating the food that she had previously been refusing right then and there. This happened several times and slowly with Brenda’s encouragement, Boo began to eat regularly. At the beginning Boo would barely communicate. However we were able to learn a lot about her lifetime of abuse and mis-treatment. Within weeks she was unrecognizable as that beaten down dog. Now several years later she has a lot to say and has come so far with Brenda’s help that she’s come so far on so  on so many issues from four years ago. She is no longer afraid of food, poop, men, the dark, grass, bushes, feathers, leashes, sleeping, baths and new people!  One recent very significant change has happened with a session we did on nightmares. Since we moved to the mountains, Boo has been waking up snarling and growling several times a night, which has been very scary and disturbing for the whole household, particularly if she is close to someone’s bed. She  gets very aggressive like a wolf about to attack in a movie. Boo was impossible to reach verbally and would continue to growl when spoken to no matter how many times we tried to let her know it was ok. That she was ok! We didn’t dare touch her. Brenda asked Boo what the nightmares were about. Boo said she was in a moving car with no doors and someone was trying to push her out. She dreamed this same dream every night, sometimes over and over.  She was exhausted and would sleep soundly all morning after this nightly ordeal. Brenda spoke at length to Boo telling her she was safe when she slept and that no one was going to ever do that to her. No one would hurt her and that she could sleep peacefully. Brenda then told us that Boo showed her she would feel safe if she was dreaming about running in the grass with flowers and rolling around. Brenda told us to tell Boo each night, once she was in her bed, that she was safe and that she was going to dream about the grassy field with flowers where she could run. We did this.The first night Boo only cried out once, the following night not at all. We continued this practice for the past month and she sleeps soundly. When our lives are stressful sometimes Boo has a relapse and we continue to help her by really focusing on telling her that she is safe and to dream of that flowery field where she can run and play. We are so thankful that Boo is free from these frightening dreams and not scaring us in the middle of the night too! We now can put a blanket over her when it is cold without her crying out and snapping at us. Now she just snuggles in. No one wants to see their pet suffer from past traumatic events and imaginings. Consistently over the years we have been able to help our rescued pets overcome all types of abuse and suffering with Brenda’s help and guidance. 

I could share literally dozens of examples. Some touching, many hilarious and some truly transformational, but you should find out for yourself the joy in hearing the thoughts and feelings of your own pets and whatever challenges you may be facing, it will be a hundred times easier with Brenda as translator.

Cat drinking water 'Pinky'
Cat profile view 'Gee'
Gray tiger cat
- PD+SD, Special thanks from: Elfy, Bunny, Gila, Tiger, Fairy, Bella, Zeke and Boo. And those who have passed: Zoe, Pinky, Gee and Kit.

"Every session with Brenda is to experience her uniquely loving and compassionate approach to not only my non-human companions but to all of nature and life."

My first experience with Brenda and animal communication was in November of 2006.  I was concerned about a cat that I had taken in when he appeared in my yard, obviously homeless and hungry.  Sir Galahad had a myriad of physical problems and told Brenda that he felt that he didn't have a lot of time left.  He presented Brenda with the number 6; the meaning of which was unclear at the time.  Sir Galahad stated that he would prefer assistance in crossing to living in prolonged pain and almost exactly six months later he crossed over. While it was a truly painful decision to let him go I know from our six months of "discussions" with Brenda that I was honoring Sir Galahad's request and that brings me peace.

Since that first contact so many years ago I have had innumerable animal communication sessions with Brenda. We have talked with the many cats who have come into my life and home, learning from them something of their history, fears, likes and dislikes.  Daisy for example was tossed from a car on a country road, Tux and Timmy were both house cats who were eventually abandoned when their families moved.  A family dog left orphaned when my brother died became my responsibility for the remaining years of his life.  With the help of Brenda and her animal communication skills Gus was able to express his desire to have me be his caretaker, food preferences, favorite places for walking and swimming (he was a black lab mix) and physical aches and pains. The cats are always eager to let me know which foods they like and why.

Animal communication with Brenda is a truly a conversation: learning and understanding goes from human to animal and from animal to human. Abby (cat) doesn't like the dark and requested a night light in the hallway.  I always schedule a session with Brenda before leaving on a trip. The cats are told when I will be departing, how long I will be gone and who will be taking care of them.  I have found over the years that this small consideration for my housemates does provide a sense of security that they are not being abandoned.

I am deeply grateful for the role that Brenda has played in our lives through the years.  She has a marvelous ability to not only understand what our animals are trying to tell us but also to express those concerns with clarity and honesty.  During our lengthy association I have learned that there are many different means of communication: pictures, words, emotions and  memory sequences.  I have found Brenda to be totally accurate in her interpretations and she will always admit when she is not sure of what is being communicated.  Sometimes we figure it out, sometimes we don't.

Every session with Brenda is to experience her uniquely loving and compassionate approach to not only my non-human companions but to all of nature and life.  Communication sessions have not been limited to cats and dogs.  Brenda and I have had conversations with the wild birds, squirrels, mice, spiders, frogs and even a tree that I purchased and planted in my front yard,  all of which would require a short novel to adequately tell their stories.  I look forward to many more years of conversation and discovery with Brenda and animal communications.

- cK

"Brenda helps me to understand that our pets don’t view ‘’leaving’’, as we like to call it, the same as we do, their spirit is always with us…"

I have known Brenda Cunliffe for over a decade and I had the pleasure meeting her in person at a horse show and I consult with her often about my many, many Animals, plus Angel readings. I cannot speak highly enough of Brenda and her special gift. She has saved my sanity so many times when I have lost a beloved pet, need validation, or solve a problem, she is always there when I need her. When one of my pets ‘’leave’’ I am always so devastated, and Brenda helps me to understand that our pets don’t view ‘’leaving’’, as we like to call it, the same as we do, their spirit is always with us and the circle of life continues. It is very comforting to know they are ok, in their ‘’next life’' it brings so much peace to me. I believe my intuition with my animals has enhanced since communicating with my pets through Brenda, I never want our conversations with my babies to end. Brenda is just amazing, and she brings so much joy and comfort into our lives. She always speaks the truth and there is really no one like her!  

Thank you, Brenda, for all you do for us, we love you very much.

- DJ

"She instantly picks up on their little personalities and can direct me in how best to care for them. Always relaying to me their needs, desires and most often their demands!"

Brenda has had such an impact in the lives of my dogs and myself. Incredible beyond words! I have six pugs thus far, three have passed and three are with me. Brenda has shared in the delight of bringing a new puppy home. She instantly picks up on their little personalities and can direct me in how best to care for them. Always relaying to me their needs, desires and most often their demands! This brings such joy, laughter and connection with this new little furry creature. 

She has also helped me in my time of greatest grief when it’s time for my most beloved to leave this earthly plane. Knowing when it is time to let them go with the most love and dignity eases the decision to help them on their way. 

With Brenda I still communicate with those who have passed, and they are still very much a part of my life – such a great gift is this! 

I will be forever grateful for the blessing of Brenda in my life and my precious ones.

- PC

"I really find our sessions to be quite helpful and informative. But most of all – they’re a lot of fun."

- lg

"She talked my newly-acquired, but lost, rescue Border Collie, Crickett, into walking up to someone so that her tags could be read. At that stage Crickett was already missing for two days…"

Brenda is the best!

She talked my newly-acquired, but lost, rescue Border Collie, Crickett, into walking up to someone so that her tags could be read. At that stage Crickett was already missing for two days, but was too timid to be persuaded to do just that by anyone else. It took all of one hour, after Brenda talked with Crickett, for us to get a telephone call.

Since that fateful day I have been using Brenda's services to consult with all of our pets: the Border Collie, a Sun Conure, 3 cats, a donkey, a sheep, a parakeet.
Brenda's sense of humor, her gentle, kind energy, her listening skills and psychic abilities, her love for the natural world are a treasure. It is a delight to work with her. Our pets like Brenda and will do things for her that they will not do for other animal communicators. She has helped us to understand quirky behaviors and to solve them.

Brenda even helps with my extensive collection of houseplants.

Brenda is always there for us, she is prompt in returning calls and setting up appointments.

- lb

"I am a Morgan Horse breeder and as such have horses of varying ages (from weanlings to aged broodmares) and needs here at the farm..."

Orange tiger cat 'Petey'

I am pleased to share with you my experience working with animal communicator, Brenda Cunliffe.

I am a Morgan Horse breeder and as such have horses of varying ages (from weanlings to aged broodmares) and needs here at the farm. We also have our share of non-horse animal friends here. Brenda has helped us with several of our animal friends over the past two years.

Through Brenda we learned that one of our cats (Mr. Petey) would be very happy if we would provide him with a window seat on our porch. I thought that was certainly a reasonable request, so we bought one and he absolutely loves it! He spends hours there watching the activities of outside and many more hours just napping on his new perch.

Mr. Petey and Flash

"We loved our session! It was so helpful. I feel much better now that I know my dog’s wishes."

- nt

"I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you in our lives. I have consulted with numerous animal communicators..."

Dear Brenda,

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you in our lives. I have consulted with numerous animal communicators - some of whom were quite skilled - but no one, absolutely no one, can hold a candle to your level of accuracy.

I want you to know there have been profound positive shifts in the attitude and behavior of my pets in the short time we've been working together. Your ability to "tune-in" to each of the different personalities of my eleven pets is uncanny.

Your warmth and creative strategy only adds to an already phenomenal experience in connecting so deeply with my "kids".

I can't begin to tell you how profound an impact you've had in all our lives which has certainly facilitated the peace in our home.

Brenda, thank you for doing this work; it's such a blessed gift for all our "kids" and for our peace of mind as well.

- awd, ph.d.

"On Saturday, October 9th, I rode Chester out of his paddock and into the wide open, unfenced, green space of the hay field..."

White horse 'Chester'

Dear Brenda,

On Saturday, October 9th , I rode Chester out of his paddock and into the wide open, unfenced, green space of the hay field. To many people, this might not sound like the most important and most thrilling ride I've ever had. But it was. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about where we started and the wonderful people who contributed to getting us where we are.

Should I remind you where Chester and I stood in our relationship when we called you? He had just turned 5, all 1600 pounds and 17.1 hands of him. I'd had him for almost a year and we had a working relationship, including some trust of each other. All that changed during the "Easter Incident" when this stubborn woman and that stubborn horse went head to head in a battle of wills. Neither of us won, in fact both of us lost. Lost every smidgen of any relationship we had. We were mad at each other, scared of each other and sometimes just plain didn't like each other. I was wondering why I ever got him to begin with and he was thinking that I was just one more "owner" in a life full of too many owners and too many barns.

I called you. I could still see something in his eyes, buried deep inside him, that haunted me. I wanted to give him a chance to be heard. I was thinking about giving him up to someone more experienced, for his own good. Someone who could find the horse that lived deep inside him. I was afraid though, that someone new could be just another "owner" in Chester's life.

Oh, the things he told you, it just broke my heart. You explained why he had trouble trusting me. That, in his experience, he had no reason to believe in me. He assumed I was just like the others and he saw no reason to develop a relationship since he would just be sent somewhere else sooner or later. He was afraid, beaten down and hopeless. His bad habit of whipping his rear end around to your face was a response to fear but also to cause fear in the recipient effectively eliminating any trust, but designed also to keep people at a distance so he wouldn't be hurt again.

Brenda, without your insights and guidance, Chester would not be with me right now. Because of you, Chester has a home for life. I started to believe in him, worked him real slow, with lots of praise. The more he learns, the faster he learns. The faster he learns, the more I learn and the more we trust each other. I can not explain how much this process has meant to me, to both of us. We would not be going through this process without your communication skills.

Please accept our heartfelt Thanks! I finally have my dream horse and Chester has his dream "home" and a partner for life. We have a lot more to learn, but we have a lifetime to do it in.-T.J.V.


"Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of animal communication ."

Golden Retriever 'Tigger'

Dear Brenda,

Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of animal communication. I had always been skeptical about telepathic communication, but when my best friend suggested that I have you communicate with my pets I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad that I did! When you spoke to my dog, Tigger, and my horse, Journey, you were able to tell me things that you couldn't possibly have known beforehand, and I was absolutely amazed. You have helped me out quite a bit when I have concerns about my animals.

I would recommend to anyone who is having an issue with their pet, or anyone who is simply curious about what their pet is thinking or feeling, to contact you. I think that people need to experience animal communication with their own pets in order for its reality to hit home. Thanks again!

- AL

"Thank you so much for my session with you. It was very rewarding and brought peace to me for my departed babies. I felt a huge communication breakthrough."

- dt

"What a pleasure it was to talk with you today. I’ll never look at my dogs the same way. Of course as soon as I hung-up the phone I had a million other questions. That will be for another time – in the mean time I have some insights on improving their lives. Thank you so much for your help."

- bm