Sample Communications

Bulldog mix 'Simon'


Why do you like to watch the ants?  

Because they never stop.  They always have somewhere to go and something to do.  They are always so fast,and I like to jump when they get to close to my feet – that tickles!

You seem to enjoy napping, is that because you are young?  

I hope I always like to nap.  I think when I get bigger I will probably take more naps.  I feel like I work hard when I play or try to find my people, I like to rest so that I can always be ready to go places with them and play whatever game they want to.  If I’m rested I have fun, if I’m tired I am not as quick as I like to be.  My people like to laugh when I am quick, that feels good.

Do you like it when everyone we meet says how adorable you are?

It’s fine that they say that.  I guess it’s true, they are all happy when they say it.  I think if people are happy they say what is in their heart and you can trust them.

brown horse 'Hondo'


You have been patient working through some health issues, is that hard for you?  

No, I know that the people involved with my care are trying to make everything work for my comfort. That makes me feel important, if not special, that helps me be patient and trust that they will find permanent answers that work for me and for them.

Do you have favorite things?

Blankets are extremely important, being cold is awful! Friends are good to have, I try harder now to make more friends, animal and human. Food goes without saying and I’ve really become happier with hugs.

What do you want to do for work?

Use my body the way that I have learned. I like to wear my saddle and exercise, I think that is how I feel the best and try the hardest. Without my saddle I just go through the motions and I don’t feel that my body uses its strength the same way.