Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Animal Communicator?

In my opinion, an animal communicator is a person who loves and cares about animals, someone who can be empathetic and understanding of an animal's feelings. An animal communicator is a person who can convey thoughts and feelings between an animal and a human. I like to describe it as being a translator.

How do you communicate with animals?

I communicate with animals by using telepathic communication. I quiet my mind and concentrate on the animal. I focus all of my attention on the animal and wait until I feel connected to him/her. Telepathically I ask questions of the animal or simply listen to what they have to say to me. I receive their messages in a variety of ways, sometimes I receive pictures, words (single or in sentences) or feelings - or any combination of these.

How long have you been doing this?

This question always stumps me because I feel that I am just like so many other people that have always talked with or listened to animals. I have enjoyed close relationships with animals since I was a child. I always felt comfortable telling everything to my pets and believed their answers to my questions, I could always sense their feelings or moods. When I became a teenager and realized that other kids (and their families) did not believe in animals as equals, I did what a lot of kids do as a result of peer pressure, I tried to change. I still loved animals and kept them in my life but I stopped sharing with them. Years later, as an adult, when I had arranged for an animal communicator to help me make a decision involving a horse, I realized how important it was for me to open up to animals again. With coaching and coaxing from that person and other friends (human and animal), I realized a wonderful new chapter in my life, one again filled with animals. I now enjoy helping people realize the depth of the bond their animal has with them and I get to meet many people that believe as I do.

Do you have to physically be with the animal to communicate with it?

Because the communication is telepathic it can be done from any distance. While I will travel to areas local to my home, the majority of my consultations are over the phone.

Are you able to communicate with deceased animals?

Yes, this is done using the same telepathic method only focusing on the deceased animal's energy rather than their physical being.

What types of things do animals say?

Almost anything. Animals remark on their human friends, their food, their likes and dislikes, their wants and needs. They can be quite humorous or very serious and practical. They might be very detailed or extremely vague depending on the importance of the topic. The conversation can range from very brief answers to whole paragraphs.

Can my pet understand me?

People always seem to be surprised to hear that their pet does understand them when they talk to them. They really do, so keep doing it! Tell them about everything, I have found the best listeners to be animals.

Once I start to communicate with my pet will I have to do it on a regular basis?

That is an individual decision. People come to animal communicators for different reasons - to feel closer to their pets, for health issues, to find an answer to behavioral problem - some people want a session just to see what animal communication is all about (if it is real). I think the frequency of the communication appointments depends on the situation; I schedule future appointments based on circumstances or necessity.

What is your favorite type of animal to talk with?

I can't say that I have a favorite type. I enjoy talking with each animal because they are individuals and each has their own point of view. I find that I can learn something from each species and that each member of a herd or a flock, etc. has their own ideas, principals and values.

Can you tell me what is physically wrong with my pet?

Animal communication is just that - communication. It is not a replacement for veterinary care. I can explain to you what your animal is feeling or where on his/her body there is discomfort, but I cannot diagnose an illness or ailment. Please do not call me before or instead of calling your animal’s doctor. If something in you is telling you to contact a veterinarian, do not hesitate; that could be your pet asking for help.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, Simon, a four year old, fawn, Boston Terrier who fixes people’s hearts for a hobby, and, Hondo, a 20+ year old, bay, Quarter horse gelding who truly believes that we are each entitled to our own opinion.  Truly loving and caring family members.