In Memoriam

Losing those we love can be one of the most difficult experiences in life.  Knowing that our beloved animals never truly leave us and that we can continue to have our relationship with them from the spirit world is comforting and healing.

While I have lost many loved ones in my life, I have chosen to share my feelings about the following family members because they have each been involved with my workshops and have made connections with many of my clients.  They continue to be a great part of my daily life, they still make me think, feel, and laugh.

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Brenda with 'Jewel'


4/96– 8/17

My beautiful girl knew she owned my heart, that there wasn’t anything that I wouldn't get for her or do for her, but she never pushed, she never asked for more than she felt that she or any other horse should have.  She was number one in encouraging me to communicate more openly, she valued other’s opinions, human and animal, yet was very confident in her own. She showed me how to be able to step back from situations that were not mine to experience, she showed me how to quietly watch life, and see the gifts a quiet walk in the morning sun could bring to me. Clarity and peace, two things that she felt life was all about. She thought that one went with the other and that allowing each into your day could bring great joy.

Jewel was my teacher and my hero, the one being I have known in this life time who was pure love. I cherished each moment I spent with her and constantly strive to make her proud of me by holding the same values about life and by continuing forward on the path we started together.

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Wagner with Brenda and husband


6/06– 7/17

The dog of my dreams ended up being just that, a dream dog. His manners and kindness were to marvel at; his sense of humor could entice anyone to join him in seeing the world as a very fun, positive place.  He was my companion, someone to share experiences with, he was always willing to help me see the side of things that I was missing, and he was always ready to listen to me.  His loving qualities showed me there really is no room in a day for worrying about the next, each minute counts, there is always something to see, something to listen to, and someone who needs you to give them love.

Wagner’s presence filled my heart, helped me see the true meaning of optimism and showed me parts of myself that I didn't know.

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Brenda holding cat 'Jill'


01/00- 3/11

My office assistant, my dearest friend, my shadow.  Many a decision was made with Jilly shaking her head “yes” or “no” as my thought process worked its way around situations.  She loved to be involved – had to be involved– with everything I did.  She trusted me, spoke with me always, and sought me out continuously. From a lick on the cheek to wake me, to a quick purr and laying on my feet at night to sleep, she had a soft, gentle way of letting me know I was her chosen person. She always made me feel understood and special, she loved to tell me about things from the “cat’s point of view” and thought that living with an animal communicator was the best place she could be.

Jill blessed me with many hours of quiet reassurance and with many wise words.  She reminded me often that helping someone – animal or human – was designed to be that, “help”.  It is not supposed to fix everything, or anything, just help.

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Jill riding horse 'Keah'


While Keah is still very much alive, she has moved on to another life. This girl taught me that I had to listen to her with my heart and accept her decisions.  While we experienced a relationship that grew in ways that surprised Keah, she always knew what she wanted and was grateful that I was a part of the stepping stones it took for her to get there. Although our parting was painful, she saw it was time for her to make a move towards her happiness and that prolonging the change was only going to chip away at what we had grown to know and accept about each other.

Keah taught me many lessons of acceptance, she saw something as it was and went with it.  She didn’t see a need to complicate a moment with denying who you were or what you believed.  By being in a constant state of openness, she has always been able to maintain a high level of sweetness, kindness, strength, and conviction. Truly beautiful inside and out!