Sample Communications


What is your favorite memory?

That would have to be jumping and barking at motorcycles.  I used to see them all the time, they are so shiny and loud, so exciting!

What do you like about humans?

That they are attentive to me, the nicer I am to them, the nicer they are to me.

Why do you sleep laying on your back?

It is comfortable, I can breathe easy upside down, and my back stretches out so well that way.



Have you ever noticed any repetitive thoughts/feelings about your life?

Only that I am content.  I have always been able to realize a sense of contentment each day, even if it is for a short time.  

Are there any other things that you would like to experience?

Experiencing new things would require changing something in my current life.  I have been through a lot of changes, I am not interested in anything different right now, maybe sometime later.

What other animals do you like to spend time with?

I really like cats and wish that there were more of them around to talk with.  Birds in my pasture are nice, they are so quick when they move, yet so calm with their thoughts, I like that.



You are relatively new to animal communication, do you like it?

I like that I can explain things when I need something, or don’t feel well, and be understood.  But I don’t really want to talk all the time.

What would you say about yourself?

That I am happy and feel safe and that I like being me.

What is your favorite job?

Exploring outside of my paddock and chasing cows.



Why did you choose to stay with us?

Because this house feels safe and you would sit with me when I was scared.

You seem to love rolling in the sand, why?

It makes my body feel good to move all around and then shake the dirt off.  It makes me feel playful and happy.

What makes you the happiest?

Being inside at night and not having to sleep on top of the car.